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arc•tec has clients throughout Moose Jaw, accross Saskatchewan, Canada and internationally.  arc•tec creates customized residential floor plans, drafted and designed to align with your specific requirements.

Whether you’re envisioning your ultimate dream home, involved in a renovation, or embarking on the construction of your ideal waterfront cottage, arc•tec design & drafting is here to assist you at every stage.

With your vision at the forefront of our approach, we’ll lead you through the design process using industry-leading 3D software, presenting various options collaboratively to transform your dreams into reality.  Reach out to us now to arrange a consultation.

arc•tec being a member of Technical Professionals Saskatchewan along with the  structural engineer’s seal signifies a comprehensive and professional approach to construction projects. In this collaborative process, arc•tec and an engineer work together to ensure that the architectural plans meet structural integrity and safety standards. The engineering seal, is provided by a licensed professional engineer, attests that the structural components of the design comply with relevant building codes and regulations. 

arc•tec home design drawings includes the National Energy Code Calculations and Compliance Forms.  arc•tec architectrual drawings comply with the National Energy Code.


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